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This is a pile of non-sorted audio related schematics, which I sadly don’t have the time to go through and categorize at this moment…..

You might be lucky here 😉

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1a300 (171.2k)
3vhifi (15.5k)
6bg6amp (68.9k)
6ca7slaveamp (204.8k)
6ch6amp1 (18.4k)
6ch6amp2 (15.4k)
6l6slaveamp (182.8k)
6l6slaveamp1 (190.4k)
12at7ppe (29.8k)
12e1amp1 (26.3k)
12e1amp2 (20.4k)
100 Mpx (142.6k)
210D (506.5k)
299 C1 (289.5k)
299 C1(1) (289.5k)
299 C2 (246.3k)
299 C2(1) (246.3k)
299D 1 (2M)
299D 2 (1.9M)
310D 1 (163.6k)
310D 2 (90.5k)
310D 3 (67.1k)
310D 4 (100.9k)
310D 5 (81.8k)
310D 6 (714.6k)
335 (35.9k)
417pre (39.6k)
465crtest (199k)
466crtest (357.7k)
625mpx1 (199.8k)
655mpx (236.5k)
690 Pt1 (152.5k)
690 Pt2 (169.4k)
800b 1 (717.8k)
800b 2 (726.2k)
1000A (298k)
2065mpx (247.3k)
4310 P1 (200.4k)
4310 P2 (209k)
A700 (643.4k)
A5001 (817.4k)
A5002 (765.4k)
B&K465crt Tester (199k)
B&K466crttester (357.7k)
EHHI (1.7k)
EICO ST 70 (10.4M)
FMMA (1.8k)
FourierSP1 Left (96.3k)
FourierSP1 Right (75.6k)
HH Scott 222AC1 Int Sch (1.9M)
Heathkit W5 (2.6M)
KLH Eight Tun Sch (59.6k)
KW55U (150.3k)
Klipsch Xovers2 (3M)
LC21 (1.2M)
LK48B C1 (2.3M)
LK72A (1.5M)
LK72B (1.8M)
LL26a (140.7k)
LT 10 (28.5k)
LT110 (1.6M)
LafayetteKT600 (71.4k)
LafayetteLA215 (114.4k)
Langevin101D (133.6k)
MA5 Sch (43.2k)
MA6 Sch (36.8k)
MAC1500 Service Manual (481.3k)
MAC1700 Schematic (8.1M)
MI2 Sch (75.4k)
MI3 (111.6k)
MI350 (297k)
ML1C (154.7k)
ML2C Early (143.9k)
ML2C Late (183.6k)
ML2M Early (142.2k)
ML2M Late (180k)
ML4C (204.4k)
ML4M (181.8k)
ML10C (127k)
MPI4 (608.2k)
MX 99 Manual (1.8M)
MX110 M Series (189.5k)
MX112 Early (899k)
MX112 Late (833k)
MX113 (806.9k)
MX114 (648.2k)
MX115 (712.3k)
MascoCustomTen (30.6k)
McC8Manual1956 (249.2k)
NF1 (42.9k)
NationalHorizon5 (46.5k)
NationalHorizon20 (35.5k)
OTL1 (46.9k)
OTL3 (54.3k)
PT1 (110.1k)
PilotAA420 (42.9k)
QUAD R Comp (127.2k)
QUAD R Sch (92.9k)
RC10 (242.5k)
REL646C (108.6k)
SC880INST (2.2M)
SC880SAMS (4.1M)
ST 40 Constmanual (1.9M)
ST 40 Manual (1.1M)
ST 40schematic (524.5k)
ST 70 Speaker Connections (2.4M)
ST 96 Schematic (984.4k)
ST 97 Dial Cord (361k)
ST 97 Schematics (131.8k)
Sansui QRX 5500 (5.2M)
Schem (219.6k)
Scott222B (644.4k)
Scott222C (257.4k)
Scott310E (799.4k)
Scott330C (126.5k)
Scott330C(1) (126.5k)
Scott340 (511.8k)
Scott370B (846.3k)
Sherwood3000 (250.1k)
SonocraftASC2 (26.1k)
TAAMP (1.7k)
TEQ (1.4k)
TU 70 (159.7k)
A2co5ampx (231.9k)
A340a (125k)
Aa 902a (75.6k)
Aa 902a(1) (75.6k)
Ac6l6280 (22.1k)
Ac11mpx (179.6k)
Ac15 (84.7k)
Acdc (1.7k)
Acdc1 (2.2k)
Achpwill (32.7k)
Acpppar (24.4k)
Acro6146 (23.2k)
Acrokt88 (21.4k)
Acrotrio (20.2k)
Addison2a,2b,2c (255.5k)
Addison5a (235.8k)
Addison5align (260k)
Addison7 (202.6k)
Addison16 (183.2k)
Addison16,45,46,47align (151.2k)
Addison19 (292.2k)
Addison21 (266.9k)
Addison45,46,47 (247.4k)
Addison55 (211.8k)
Addison61 (274.3k)
Addison63 (269.2k)
Addison64 (276k)
Addison300s1 (171.1k)
Addisonb2a,b2b,b2c (241k)
Addisonb23 (214.5k)
Addisonl2 (222.4k)
Addisonlogo (10.2k)
Allen001 (34.1k)
Altec359a (268.6k)
Amprock3 (47.9k)
Ankoru (36.4k)
Annibal (76.3k)
Avo8 (334.5k)
Avorfgen (254.1k)
B&k707ecc808chartcorrection (41.5k)
B9b (207.1k)
Bellmxa1 (241.4k)
Belmont6d111 (337.9k)
Brk10c3 (159k)
Brk10c3(1) (159k)
Brnea230(1) (31.6k)
Brook12a (49.4k)
Brook22a (31.1k)
CctStereo30 (316.3k)
CctStereo30Plus (206.8k)
CctStereo70 (294.7k)
Ch60amp (169.4k)
Ch51515tuner (168.3k)
Challengercha10 (176.7k)
Chf72510tuner (235.8k)
Chf142515spec (139.3k)
Chf142515tuner (339.2k)
Cit1 (384.9k)
Cit1ln1 (19.9k)
Cit4line (15.1k)
Cjmv75(1) (23.1k)
Cjpre (24.4k)
Cjpv5p1 (35.7k)
Cjpv5p2 (17.4k)
Cjpv6p1 (42.8k)
Cjpv6p2 (16.3k)
Craftsman500a (134.2k)
CraftsmanS1 (215.3k)
Ct2p1 (27k)
Ct2p2 (23.3k)
Curtismk5 (212.4k)
Curtismk8 (227.9k)
Curtismk9 (271k)
Curtismk12 (282.1k)
D40 (66.3k)
Dbdo30 (120.6k)
Dc15w (150.7k)
Dewaldp400 (292k)
Du1a45a (90.3k)
Du1a475 (212.3k)
Dukane1a300 (171.2k)
Dukane 1a300 (171.2k)
Dumont164emain (377.6k)
Dyna6bq5 (20.5k)
Dynamk2 (75.7k)
Dynamk3 (26.8k)
Dynamull (29.6k)
Dynast35 (25.5k)
Dynawil1 (37.2k)
Dynsca35 (165.3k)
Ehpa100 (29.7k)
Eicohf20 (22.4k)
Eicohf22 (25.3k)
Eicohf86 (29.7k)
Eicohf87 (29.8k)
Eist70ps (35.4k)
Electrohome6ca7slaveamp (204.8k)
Electrohome6l6slaveamp (182.8k)
Electrohome 6l6slaveamp1 (190.4k)
Eva30 Gif RF32a5a12 (126.1k)
Fleetwood2065mpx (187.2k)
Fleetwood 2065mpx (229.5k)
Fm3 P1a (61.6k)
Fm3 P2a (54.7k)
Fm3al1 (86.5k)
Fm3al2 (85.4k)
Fm3al3 (71.2k)
Fm3al4 (74.6k)
Fmx3mpx (210.2k)
G60ams (24.8k)
G101a (36.2k)
Ga15rvt1 (36.8k)
Gaprk2w1 (204.7k)
Gaprk2w2 (189k)
Gec30w (24.1k)
Gec50w (25.3k)
Gec100w (23.8k)
Gec400w (42.1k)
Gefs22mpx (276.5k)
Gefs25mpx (156.2k)
Gesa510mpx (191.6k)
Gothamp (120.8k)
Gothps (124.1k)
Gr260pic (20.2k)
Grm211 (46k)
Grm216ba (29.7k)
Grm230ba (37.6k)
Gromm215 (26.9k)
Gromm260 (31.8k)
Grommes10pg (164.6k)
Grommes10pg8 (264.8k)
Grommes15pg8 (243.8k)
Grommes20pg8 (201.4k)
Grommes24pg (467.2k)
Grommes28pg (429.3k)
Grommes50pg2 (210.8k)
Grommes55c (171.2k)
Grommes55pg (178.2k)
Grommes56pg (228.4k)
Grommes60pg (228.7k)
Grommes240 (242.4k)
Grommes 40pg (456.3k)
Grommesg40 (294.8k)
Grommespg40 (456.3k)
Grundigmpx (255.7k)
Gtasi50 (21.9k)
Harmony415 (167.4k)
Heathkit Ac11mpx (179.6k)
Heathua1 (39.6k)
Heathw3 (22.9k)
Heathw5m (42.8k)
Heathw6 (36.6k)
Heathw7m (37.2k)
Heathx01 (29.1k)
Hf85s (96k)
Hf5060s (54.6k)
Hft100tuner (201.7k)
Hft200tuner (241k)
Hft300tuner (177.2k)
Hft400preamp (255.4k)
Hft400tuner (257.4k)
Hft4006wamp (185.6k)
Hft40010wamp (165.5k)
Hickoksg4700 (223.2k)
Hkcit2 (137.2k)
Hkcit5 (32.4k)
Hkma250 (160.1k)
Hkma350 (215.2k)
Hkmx20 (271.7k)
Hkmx500 (261.8k)
Hkmx600 (242.3k)
Hkmx700 (240.6k)
Hkpc2001 (178.1k)
Hs996mpx (212.2k)
Jamie Ps (61.6k)
Kalama1 (32.8k)
Kb85-1 (26.6k)
Kb85-2 (54.2k)
Kb85-3 (101.2k)
Kenwoodkd1 (236.6k)
Kit1 (26.1k)
Kit1 Psu (24.1k)
Knight10wattamp (115.9k)
Knightknmx3 (267k)
Knlindlx (36.6k)
Knob Info (280.9k)
Lafayettelt200 (296.1k)
Leakpre (32.4k)
Leakpre1 (76.7k)
Leakpre2 (76.7k)
Leakpre3 (75.9k)
Lectrolabr200 (153.1k)
Les147 (40.1k)
Lvhvps (27.1k)
M&atva1 (20.8k)
M7 (92.8k)
M10 (42.1k)
M1001 (98.9k)
M1003 (25.8k)
M1503 (19.3k)
Ma015mpx (183.7k)
Ma2fmpx (225.9k)
Ma2gmpx (214.7k)
Mac50w1p (164.3k)
Mac50w1p(1) (164.3k)
Mac C11b (96.8k)
Macintosh Aa2 (455.9k)
Maestro (182.8k)
Mag278 (79.3k)
Marantz8 (68.5k)
Marcon (50.1k)
Marconitf995amain (514.4k)
Marconitf995asupply (231.7k)
Mascoma10hf (199.6k)
Matdc30 (14.1k)
Mc30 (68.3k)
Mc30 P2 (19.3k)
Mc30 P3 (14.3k)
Mc30 P4 (18.1k)
Mc30 P5 (47.6k)
Mercury990 (162.4k)
Mercury1000 (260.1k)
Mercury1000parts (106.1k)
Mercury1100 (133k)
Mercury1100a (133.4k)
Mercury1100b (134.2k)
Mercury1100c (167.8k)
Mercury1101 (119.6k)
Mercury1101ad (234.1k)
Mercury2000parts1 (280.3k)
Mercury20001 (235.4k)
Mfa120p1 (44.2k)
Mfa120p2 (47.5k)
Mfa120p2(1) (47.5k)
Mg20b (23.7k)
Mg20b (193.4k)
Mi9377 (103k)
Mi12246 (133.1k)
Mk3 Mnl (1.7M)
Mmgp3a (51.2k)
Model2 (52.7k)
Mp3mpx (205.3k)
Mpx20mpx (163.3k)
Mpx100mpx (261.1k)
Mpxv2 (238.7k)
Muz975 (141.6k)
Mwa300 (23.3k)
Mx99mpx (192.8k)
Mxa3align (315.2k)
Nathor20 (122.8k)
Ne5000 (264k)
Ne5000-1 (280.1k)
Ne5002 (314k)
Ne5104 (249.3k)
Ne5110 (269.7k)
Ne5116 (300.2k)
Ne5200 (278.9k)
Ne5300 (278.9k)
Ne5308 (279.5k)
Ne5400 (242.6k)
Ne5404 (245.8k)
Ne5406 (246.2k)
Ne5408 (233.9k)
Ne5412 (286k)
Ne5500 (257.6k)
Ne5508 (222.7k)
Ne5700 (236.5k)
Ne5702 (210.9k)
Ne5708 (226.1k)
Ne5800 (176.9k)
Ne5808 (191.4k)
Ne6302 (318.2k)
Neb4000 (255.6k)
Nehf130 (206.7k)
Nordmendempx (283.5k)
Nordmendemx201 (267k)
Ongaku (39k)
P3stereo (50.6k)
P4mono (48k)
Pa100amp (232.5k)
Pa200amp (195.2k)
Pa200brochure (134.1k)
Pa300amp (248.8k)
Pa310amp (287k)
Pa330amp (275.3k)
Pa400amp (172k)
Pa600amp (278.3k)
Pa700samp (259.2k)
Pa700spreamp (282.9k)
Page1 (345.2k)
Page2 (167.6k)
Page3 (115.9k)
Pam1 (19k)
Pam1(1) (19k)
Parmeco (496.7k)
Pas Mnl (1.4M)
Pas Mnl(1) (1.4M)
Pederw50 (23.7k)
Philco37-604 (281.4k)
Philips (236.2k)
Philips(1) (236.2k)
Philips172 (252.4k)
Philips A2co5ampx (231.9k)
Philipsag9008 (271.9k)
Philipsb1c12 (247.2k)
Philipsb108 (315.3k)
Philipshfa10 (272.3k)
Phlin700b2 (95.9k)
Phlin700b2-2 (65.3k)
Phlin700b2-3 (80.3k)
Phonola1b61e (280.2k)
Pilaa902 (19.7k)
Pilot100 (247.8k)
Pilot200 (284.3k)
Pilotaa903b1 (222k)
Precise111 (530.1k)
Precision612 (290.6k)
Ptv Tiny (3.4k)
Purcow (138.8k)
Pv3 (25.4k)
Pv10a (44.5k)
Pv10a Parts (98.9k)
Pv12 (76.7k)
Quad Am2 (122.6k)
Quad Fm16 (126.1k)
Quad2 (24.9k)
Quad22 (189.1k)
Quad22(1) (70.3k)
Quest (32k)
Rb6n2pcv (14.4k)
Rbcc501 (45.3k)
Rbmk1201 (29.6k)
Rbmk1202 (31.7k)
Rbmk1203 (30.9k)
Rbmk1204 (35.9k)
Rbmk1205 (20.9k)
Rcacrk101mpx (227.7k)
Rcalimit (58.8k)
Rcaotl (26.5k)
Rcax614 (371.2k)
Rcpau (34.8k)
Regps (40.2k)
Revox (37.1k)
Rockolab (31.2k)
Rogers170 (254.9k)
Rogersr118 (269.3k)
Rogersr120 (308.4k)
Rogersr156a (319.2k)
Rogersr167 (298.4k)
Rogersr176 (351.8k)
Rogersr180 (350.1k)
Rogersr181 (264k)
Rogersr187 (343.3k)
Rogersr190 (374.5k)
Rogersr227 (303.3k)
Rogersr531 (314.2k)
Rogersr535 (403.6k)
Rogersr552 (285.2k)
Rogersr847 (347.7k)
Rogersrg2054 (248.8k)
Rogersrm502 (270.2k)
Rogersrm602 (275.6k)
Rs200mpx (216.6k)
S5000 (232.7k)
S5000(1) (232.7k)
S5000ii (313.2k)
Sa 2 (90.4k)
Sa16 (96.5k)
Sa40samp (188.9k)
San AU555A Omsm (29.8M)
Sansui Vintage (3.6M)
Sca35a (123.7k)
Sca35b (96.9k)
Scott99a (325.4k)
Scott99c (337.8k)
Scott209 (285.1k)
Scott210a (389.2k)
Scott210b (266.3k)
Scott210c (292.5k)
Scott210f (327.9k)
Scott211a (305.9k)
Scott220a (224.5k)
Scott223 (145.9k)
Scott232 (231.3k)
Scott240 (274.7k)
Scott280 (375.4k)
Scott290 (290.3k)
Scott335 (300.9k)
Sencoretc130 (245.5k)
Servics Bulletins (894.6k)
Sherwooda3mx (258.2k)
Sherwoods2mx (243.8k)
Sherwoods3mx (315.5k)
Sherwoodsmxa (273.3k)
Sieg1 (79.8k)
Sieg1(1) (79.8k)
Sieg2 (97.5k)
Sieg2(1) (97.5k)
Sil1484 (49.6k)
Sim1026 (108.3k)
Simple45 (53.5k)
Sj 502a (67.6k)
Sj 502a(1) (67.6k)
Sparton5g1 (291k)
Sparton14n5p (240.2k)
Spraguekt12 (208.9k)
St7 Mnl (885.1k)
St7 Mnl(1) (885.1k)
Sta15 (87.7k)
Sta25 (173.4k)
Sta25ren (103k)
Sta100 (67k)
Stark10a (167.2k)
Stark10ad (87.6k)
Stark38 (167.2k)
Stark54t (268.1k)
Stark460 (271.7k)
Stark460ad (115.6k)
Stark500 (56.6k)
Stark531 (156.2k)
Stark877 (526.9k)
Stark911a (117.6k)
Stark911aad (116.3k)
Stark955 (95k)
Stark955ad (280.8k)
Stark956 (217.2k)
Stark956ad (156.7k)
Stark966ad (166.9k)
Stark966cal (257.3k)
Stark966sch (457.5k)
Stark999 (209.9k)
Stark999ad (86.8k)
Stark1001 (159.2k)
Stark1222 (566.9k)
Stark1222ad (111.2k)
Starkbj1 (145k)
Starkes1 (146.4k)
Starkes1ad (180.9k)
Starklag55 (231.6k)
Starklsg10 (128.7k)
Starklsg10a (117.9k)
Starkmhg48 (158.9k)
Starkmk1 (162.9k)
Starkmk2 (138.8k)
Starkmk3 (171.9k)
Starkmk4 (136.5k)
Starkmk6 (202k)
Starkos9 (322.1k)
Starkos9ad (149.6k)
Starkosk1 (236.6k)
Starkosk1ad (121.9k)
Starkps501a (246.3k)
Starkrfg2 (138.9k)
Starkrp (95.3k)
Starkrpad (124k)
Starksag1 (253.5k)
Starksmg57 (221.4k)
Starkst2 (225.8k)
Starkswg58 (173.7k)
Starkta1 (253.7k)
Starkta1ad (120.4k)
Starkta2 (275.8k)
Starkte1 (108.1k)
Starkvmk1 (271.6k)
Starkvmk2 (199.9k)
Starkvmk4 (254.9k)
Starkvt9 (255k)
Starkvt9ad (191.4k)
Strmap80 (39.5k)
Strmap80(1) (39.5k)
Tannoy (507.3k)
Tenwatt (69.3k)
Triplett3423 (230.6k)
Tube0521 (23.3k)
Tva10 (39.9k)
Ultratonem4w (253.5k)
Utc20w (47.4k)
Utc25w (48.3k)
Utc35w (50k)
Utc50w (42.6k)
Va100spec (155.9k)
Va200spreamp (319k)
Viking46-31 (283k)
Viking47-43 (379.9k)
Viking48-53 (272.7k)
Viking49-33 (286.7k)
Viking50-39 (250.2k)
Viking51-30 (280.9k)
Viking52-36a (190k)
Viking54-17r (237.2k)
Viking54-19 (227.8k)
Viking54-48 (208.4k)
Viking54-49 (209.5k)
Viking54-50 (262.8k)
Viking54-51 (267.8k)
Vikingrm201 (266.9k)
Vikingrm203 (262.6k)
Vikingrm220 (265.8k)
Vikingrm237 (241.1k)
Vikingrm275 (223.7k)
Vikingrm276 (260.7k)
Vikingrm290 (270.6k)
Vikingrm314 (258k)
Vikingrm315 (183.6k)
Vikingrm368 (291.9k)
Vikingrm370 (316.1k)
Vikingrm392 (275.8k)
Vikingrm463 (262.3k)
Vikingrm464humode (212.1k)
Vikingrm515 (291.2k)
Vikingrm517 (159k)
Vikingrm542 (216.1k)
Vikingrm544 (348.2k)
Vikingrm544alignment (324.8k)
Vikingrm649 (266.4k)
Vikingrm651 (352.3k)
Vikingrm666 (254.7k)
Vikingrm668 (258k)
Vikingrm679 (252.9k)
Vikingrm710 (367.2k)
Vikingrm718 (266.7k)
Vikingrm719 (277.8k)
Vikingrm724 (288.4k)
Vikingrm724alignment (289.4k)
Vikingrmk236 (198.3k)
Vikingrmk291 (198k)
Vikingrmk316 (241.7k)
Vikingrmk369 (226.9k)
Vikingservicenotes (193.7k)
Vt100 (84.2k)
We86a (105.9k)
We87a (21.8k)
We142a (123.5k)
Webcora1945 (304.6k)
Wellington7amp (201.7k)
Wurli680 (303.1k)
X202b (643.9k)
X202bL (158.5k)
X202bP (443.5k)
X202bPA (499.9k)
X202bS1 (256.9k)
X202bS2 (249.9k)
X202bS3 (197.7k)

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