About this site

Audio-Circuit.dk is a personal and non-commercial website driven by me in my limited spare time.

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The site is now running on WordPress and I have now protected the downloads to members only. You can register free on the login and Registration page

Please note that the download handler will log your IP-address each time you download a file!

This is due to that audio-circuit.dk earlier has been a target for bandwidth theft and spammers, which several times caused my hosting provider to close down the website in August 2014.

Having said that, this website was very popular reaching 8,211,251 hits from 2010 to August 2014!

Why this site?
Because as a professional electronic technician and longtime passionate audio DIY’er, I wanted a storage solution where I could get easy access to my ever-growing selection of schematics and service manuals from anywhere. Remember this was in a time, where NAS and other similar storage solution where very expensive.

In addition, this solution gave me the possibility to share all these files with my fellow DIY’ers around the world. Moreover, by their kind contributions where they me new files to share with others, the collection is ever growing

In my opinion
Is a little corner of the website, where I share my ideas and thoughts. This is not mend as debate forum – just a place where I can express my opinions. Please use a forum like www.diyaudio.com where my username is: Jan Dupont

Your active support is important
Thanks for supporting this site by donations and for using the Share/Upload function to add new schematics and Service manuals to the site.

Only by these, I can keep the site free of charge in the future and keep offering you new downloads.

Please feel free to contact me with ideas to improve this site.


/Jan Dupont

Please use the Share/Upload function if you have an HI-FI audio Schematic or Service Manual and want to share this with your fellow audio DIY’ers.